Our Story

Fundraising is the heart of our story. 

Hi there, I'm Carla, the founder of Fun Stuff Fundraising. Thanks for your interest in learning more about the business and how we got started.

My kids were both athletic and played high school sports. But as a single mom of two, it was hard to find the funds when they wanted to do something extra.

In 2017, my son wanted to play club volleyball. The participation fees were expensive and I didn't have a clue where the money was going to come from. 

The volleyball organization did offer a fundraiser to help offset costs, but it turned out to be less than spectacular with a product that didn't appeal to most of our friends and family. I felt like we had to beg for people to buy a product they didn't really want or need. 

I knew that in order to actually raise enough money to make the program affordable for us, I had to take matters into my own hands. I sure didn't want to tell my son he couldn't participate in something he was passionate about because I didn't have the money to support him. 

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and having had experience in the coffee business I knew it was a product we could really get behind to sell - therefore raise money! So I created our own little coffee fundraiser using the roasting connections I had. 

From that original coffee fundraiser for my son, other's jumped in and wanted to run coffee fundraisers too. The business started as just as a way to help kids participate in club sports. But it soon became clear that other groups (schools, churches, clubs, etc.) wanted and needed a profitable fundraising program to raise money too. So, I created the Red Flannel Coffee brand and also began selling retail online.  

As you well know, the pandemic in 2020 basically changed everything. Schools and churches went online and most extra programs just stopped. The future of the business was uncertain and we even shut down completely for a litte while.

In 2022, as the world is gaining a new sense of normal, we've been adapting and have expanded the fundraising business beyond just coffee. 

Fun Stuff Fundraising now offers our signature Red Flannel Coffee PLUS a variety of other fun products to meet the growing needs of the groups we serve. 

Our online fundraising program includes gourmet treats and goodies, gifts and novelty, home decor, and so much more. Truly, lots of FUN STUFF! 

Want more info on running a fundraiser with us? Click here.